HuffPost Live Interview about ISIS, CIA, and Snowden

TMS Host Kayvon Afshari was invited to speak on HuffPost Live about US casualties from Iraq's abandoned chemical weapons, a CIA report that claims arming rebels does nothing, and the life of Edward Snowden.

Kayvon's speech at the United Nations

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy invited TMS host Kayvon Afshari to speak at the United Nations about satire as cultural diplomacy. They even bumped Angelina Jolie to make room for his speech. Check out the video.

‘The MidEast Show’ Satirizes ‘Absurdity’ In The Region
— HuffPost Live, May 21st 2014

Laughter is the basis of a new Kickstarter campaign looking to bring Western attention to Middle Eastern headlines.
— Angy Altamirano, Queens Courier