We are The Mideast Show: the first satirical newscast all about the Middle East. We're a passionate group of misfits with Middle Eastern roots who want to bring you the news out of the region in a balanced, intelligent, and humorous manner. Our team includes Muslims, Jews, Christians, Turks, Kurds, Persians, and Arabs all united in our desire to make you laugh and learn. 

Our mission is to create a show for people who have a sense of humor about the Middle East and want to laugh together, regardless of nationality, religion, or ethnicity. Although the West and the Middle East are intimately linked, there is a lack of understanding between the peoples. We want to serve as the bridge that creates bonds and educates.

This is about more than pledging to a campaign. We want you to be there from the beginning to hang out with us, break pita together, and watch Dr. Gil Fischer and reporter Rex Huckstable hummus-wrestle in the middle of Prospect Park (check out our pilot episode above to see what we mean).

Within the next 720 hours, our goal is to deploy a CENTCOMedy strike team to win Kickstarter hearts and minds. We want to execute (without charge or trial) a 6-episode season of laughs that will hit you harder than an oil embargo.

Our funds will cover:

  • Renting a studio
  • A professional crew, including three studio camera operators, a director, and audio engineer, an editor, and two graphics designers (You can see their great work in our pilot above)Post-production facilities and workCamera and equipment rentals
  • Props, support, people's time, Harameters™, and the million other things that go into producing a show like this

This show started as a small concept in Kayvon's head, to be shot in his apartment with an iPhone. But as he talked to friends about the project, it took on a life of its own, as you can see in our pilot episode.

We are producing this show on a shoestring budget. We are working night and day with a lot of talented people volunteering their time because of how inspired they are by the idea. We want you to be part of our community!