The Mideast Show

Coming May 2014!

The only webseries worthy of a fatwa!

This is not the anti-Israel show. It's not the anti-Islamic Republic show. Nor is it the anti-US show. Rather, our philosophy is that we satirize absurdity as it relates to this historically-important, strategically-vital, and culturally-rich region. 

That absurdity could come in the form of Israel's hyperbolic statements on Iran's nuclear program; some Islamic Republic officials' ludicrous statements on Jews/Israel; or even the cult of personality surrounding Egypt's Field Marshall Sisi. 

The goals of this show are to 1.) inform and educate an audience about the Middle East and 2.) to use comedy to create bonds between Westerners and Middle Easterners.

Goal 2 is premised on our belief that comedy is an inherently meaningful human characteristic. While observers have identified many cleavages that separate peoples (such as religion, sect, ethnicity, and nationality), they have missed one of the most important: a sense of humor.

Think about it. Imagine you are a young Egyptian who loves a good laugh. Would you rather hang out with a dogmatic, non-funny fellow Egyptian, or would you rather grab drinks (non-alcoholic, of course) with a hilarious Iranian/Saudi/Israeli/American?

We're betting that most people would value the bond of humor over those of nationality, religion, ethnicity, and sect. If you agree, please support our show.